About Us

*NorthStar MC* - Founded 2009 in Northern NJ

Standards and Ethics [Updated 8/5/10 ] 

   Its about the Love for Riding Motorcycles, Having a good time, and the Positive attributes that the MC Community has to offer! North Star MC
"We are a Legitimate Independent 1 Piece Patch Motorcycle Club.
      First priority of this club is the Motorcycle!!!  2nd Priority ties with the1st!!  . Love for Riding Motorcycles, Having a Good Time, and the positive attributes that the MC Community has to offer.
2009 was our first Season.
The Founders (DDOT aka Dennis) are from the BX NYC & Flacco from Newark/Belleville NJ. approachable)!..  We are in hopes of good quality brothers/sisters, over quantity, when it comes to membership.
The name "North Star" and its Logo represents what each of us are, and where we're from. The idea of the patch lables our members as BIKERS from the North East Region of The United States.  Whenever we go Down South we stand out  as Northerners. So it is founded. We are "North Stars". Even those who move Down South still carry their Northern Swag, And Shine!. (Dont get it wrong!! We love The South too!!!  Join & Wear the North Star Colors if you ride and own a bike,  if its where you're from and YOU'RE PROUD!!! These Colors / This Club represents the most Neutral Position a club rider can be in! We do not support any other club. We just participate in fundraisers from time to time, the best that we can.  WE ARE MOTORCYCLE FIRST!!!

    2009 was our first season and we have a good, mature, responsible click. We are big on Comradery!!!  …  No Trouble Makers. What you do outside of the club is your business "More or Less"... We do not turn our backs on our brothers/members...
Contacts us to be a part of the movement. 'Female Riders are welcomed.....

    We are a MOTORCYCLE CLUB!!! Always looking for a good ride. Hit some twisty roads, straight-a-ways. Show Stop / Take trips out of state, etc & Hit some bike nights 'We do not promote any illegal activity (not to be brought to the club).  This club is an outlet to stay out of trouble & get away from your headaches / Be around a positivie  group.... It is also a good network source. We’re here for the sport, culture & enjoyment.  'And giving back to the community!  'Colors (patches) are earned. Our contacts are accessible through the contact page. Hit us up and we’ll definitely get back to you.

PS: Not only do you have to have a bike to be a part of this, You have to ride! Garage trophies dont do the club much good, unless its your second bike / an actual trophy or stunt bike