Tuesday, December 7, 2010

  Yo, North Side Riders Trophy Party was POPPIN', in Paterson.
Camera man asked for a street pose, so DDOT (prez) gotta give it. C Nice (sgt arms) showin our colors, and Flacco (vp) coolin out, haha.
  We're gonna post more pics up (of the party) and a video coming soon, sendin it to PRO Merc of North Side Riders. 'Im still recupin from the weekend. 'I got bent at Hot Commodities Clubhouse on Friday, Then NSR's Party Saturday lol  Peace!!
Prez - DDOT


  1. North Star Brother (Wrench) got cut off from Pic on the left... Givin his Bad Ass Killer Smile LOL. Welcome home Wrench from Afghanistan, Defending our country!!! Thats BAD ASS!!

  2. yoo that night was funny as hell.. sorry to flacco for makin him drive to hackensack for nothin lol