Sunday, December 12, 2010

Honorable Rider - Errol McCarthy R.I.P.

  We attended the Passaic City Riders Motorcycle Club House today, for the "Donation Drop" of an honorable rider- Errol McCarthy of Straight Up Riders Motorcycle Club, who passed away due to cancer.
  Once again the MC community... coming together with Love n Support! Errols family (children) was in attendance. His mother was very appreciative, witnessed and spoke how true it is, that the MC community is a Loving Community. And for certain she will be spreading the word.
 Peace & Respect to all the Clubs that could make it!                                                               
                                                                            DDOT5STARS - Prez
                                                                                   North Star MC


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

North Side Riders 1st Annual Trophy Party Dec 4th 2010

  Yo, North Side Riders Trophy Party was POPPIN', in Paterson.
Camera man asked for a street pose, so DDOT (prez) gotta give it. C Nice (sgt arms) showin our colors, and Flacco (vp) coolin out, haha.
  We're gonna post more pics up (of the party) and a video coming soon, sendin it to PRO Merc of North Side Riders. 'Im still recupin from the weekend. 'I got bent at Hot Commodities Clubhouse on Friday, Then NSR's Party Saturday lol  Peace!!
Prez - DDOT

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Party Night

What up... We;re hittin the North Side Riders Trophy Party tonight. We'll be taking pics etc....
224 Broadway in Paterson